Monday, November 25, 2013

Raindrops on Roses

Quite often, it seems, my personal favorite posts end up going widely overlooked while others that I spent little thought in putting together become highly popular.  Most certainly, I never anticipated that a post titled “I Googled Man Sniffing Panties” would become one of my most read.  I suppose I should have really seen that coming given how many perverts populate the internets.

Because I have so often misjudged the success of my posts, I feel National Blog Post Month is an excellent time to showcase some of those overlooked, but favorite posts.  These are the posts I am most proud of.  These posts are frequently the most emotional and revealing, and lack the dripping sarcasm present in my more oft-read work.  So, if you just started hanging around here and want to get to know a little bit more about me (why wouldn’t you?), please take the time to visit these posts.

1.       Sometimes …
I think this is my absolute favorite post so far.  It’s the post in which I feel I was most honest and closest to accurately depicting my struggle with mental illness.  As ending the stigma surrounding mental illness is one of my personal and professional ambitions, this post means a great deal to me.

2.       Five Minutes

This was the first post I wrote specifically for the lovely tribe over at yeah write.  This post reveals a bit about my first marriage, and I really like the way it came together.  I thought it held a lot of emotion in a few words.  I want to thank all the folks at yeah write for helping me bring out some of my best writing.

3.       Anywhere Other than Here
This was yet another brave, bold post written for the yeah write weekly challenge grid.  With this post, I opened up about the first time I was raped.  I was proud of this post due to the immediate response I received in personal messages and other contacts.  With this piece, I knew my writing truly made a difference in the life of others, and that gave me immense satisfaction.  I addressed the response  in an equally important and rewarding follow-up post – Right Here Now, and Absolutely Happy.

4.       The Purple Tutu Project
If you’ve been here before, you have probably noticed a few facelifts to this page.  The purple tutus are in reference to this particular post.  In this post, I talk about the wonder of youth and my attempt to capture that unabashed happiness and joy of childhood as I deal with my own personal struggles.  I think we should all try to view the world in such a manner.

5.       Sing, Momma, Sing
This is a relatively simple post about the love I have for my daughter, but that love is so immense that I feel it every time I read these words.  Being a mother is undoubtedly, without a question, the most wonderful thing to ever happen to me.  This post reminds me of how blessed I am.


  1. Holy courage, Batman. You do realize that any one of the things that happened to you could send a person into depression, I'm sure, and all of that is before pure biology comes into play. I'm so glad you shared your favorites. Having just gotten to know you, I hadn't seen all of them. I also LOVE the new website visuals and tagline. For whatever that's worth!

    1. Thank you. You got that right. My life was fucking soap opera for a while there. I'm glad to have less drama now. Thank you for checking out some of my favs, and thanks so much for your feedback on the new visuals and tagline. I highly appreciate it. It means a lot to me. I'm much happier with the changes too! <3 Heart icon.